What is the existence of an expensive call young lady truly like? What kind of man is a normal client? What amount does she make? To find the solutions to these and different inquiries, TODAY plunked down with a once one lady of the most generously compensated accompanies in New York. Here is a record of the meeting:

Natalie McLennan, a local of Montreal, was a 24-year-old hopeful entertainer in 2004 when she began working for NY Secret, a top-end escort administration in New York City. Charged as “New York’s No. 1 escort,” she was highlighted on the front of New York magazine in 2005, and her disclosures in the going with article drove examiners to capture her for prostitution and tax evasion, for which she burned through 26 days in Rikers Island prison (“Three additional days than Paris Hilton!” she notes) prior to tolerating a request deal. For more information please visit figgmi.ch

She is composing a diary with a functioning title of “The Cost” about her encounters during the year that she worked for the organization. It is planned for fall discharge by Phoenix Books.

Q: For what reason did you turn into an escort?

A: I was battling, a destitute entertainer, living in Manhattan, attempting to succeed. The choice was introduced to me. I gauged the aces and the cons. I chose to attempt it once to check whether it was something I could deal with. It was, so I went on until it wasn’t appropriate for me any longer.

Q: For what reason did you get out?

A: I got out due to individuals I was encircled with at the organization didn’t have my wellbeing on a basic level. Since I had such a lot of tension and fits of anxiety since I felt something could occur. I was unable to rest around evening time. I was correct in light of the fact that the month after I left, the organization was closed somewhere around the police. And furthermore, my way of life wasn’t so solid as it might have been.

Q: What amount did you make?

A: An escort gets however much cash-flow that she might conceivably make for herself. The typical escort in New York City, I would appraise makes somewhere in the range of $600 and $1,200 60 minutes. It tends to be an extraordinary living for a specific measure of time. It resembles Money Road; you need to go in, bring in your cash and get out. The most cash I for one made as an escort was either $2,000 an hour with a two-hour least, or $29,000 for one end of the week.

Q: Was it a decent end of the week?

A: Gracious, my golly, it was astonishing. We went to this little confidential island in the Florida Keys. It was astonishing. It was incredible. It was a fantasy.